Nutrition Travails

You. Guys.

We all know that kids are hard. Twins are HARD. But come ON. There are some things that shouldn’t be as hard as they are. I just got back from the grocery store, after getting all the kids to sleep. Grocery shopping these days way to often ends in me being mad.

Necessary sidebar: I am nursing the twins, and one is sensitive to dairy, eggs, and soy.

It should NOT be as hard to find products that do not include these ingredients as it is. I’ve been craving all kinds of Asian foods because it’s been forever since I’ve had it. So I’m thinking I’ll finally break down and get some liquid aminos or something to replace soy sauce. I even shop at a health-conscious grocery store most often, so I’m thinking this won’t be a difficult thing to procure.

I find the aisle easily, there are a few options, I see one labeled “Soy sauce alternative” and put it in my cart. Winning, right?


As soon as I get home my wife points out to me that it is NOT soy free. What?! She’s right, of course, I didn’t read the ingredients. But seriously. This is also right on the heels of getting some nitrate-free, uncured, expensive hot dogs for a recent cabin trip that had milk in them. I mean, I kind of expect some “strange” ingredients in hot dogs, but milk is certainly not one of them.

So now there’s just one more bottle in the house I can’t use in cooking, and my desire for saucy noodles will have to continue unfulfilled.

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